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Micatone – Nomad Songs Março 11, 2006

Posted by Vasco in Música.

After the splendid albums “Nine Songs” and “Is You Is” Micatone present their third album “Nomad Songs” on Sonarkollektiv. These first two records were more electronically influenced and showed their studio production abilities. This time Micatone put the focus back on songwriting and the song itself. Songs that work plugged in and unplugged. The title of the album refers to the band’s hippie-approach to record an album which could easily been performed around a campfire at the outskirts of nowhere, but also, because singer Lisa wrote most of the lyrics on the road with her other projects or on holiday. “Nomad Songs” is the essence of Micatone, it is more mature and versatile than its predecessors. It has an effortless simplicity, a timeless approach to express only what is necessary to make the point. Micatone are a band. Unlike the first two records, which were more beat and drum programmed, Micatone have recorded all instruments live, also the drums. By doing so, they create a special roughness, an organic warmth, which also communicates their splendid interaction as a band. While the first two albums were a respectable combination of club- and home-listening-music, “Nomad Songs” takes this blend to perfection. Micatone write universal songs. The question simply never arises whether or not a song was composed for dance floor pleasures or mattress matters.[SonarKollectiv]



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