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Álbum da Semana:Zimpala – HoneyMoon Novembro 8, 2006

Posted by Vasco in Música.


2006, “Honeymoon”. Still directed by DJ BNX, whose choice of the remixers was crucial, the preparation of the album took place in a more structured way. In the first place, Zimpala realized that Noémie was to be The Voice, which features on most of the songs, in English and in French for two titles. The tone remains suave, more touching and yet kinky (Le pays d’Alice). Most of the titles were composed by AntOne, Anthon and Noémie, with no more hiding of their taste for distinguished pop Songs. During the recording sessions, the Tarantino-like imaginary latinos burst proud and loud (She’s from Mexico, Honeymoon), while crystal-like guitars, playful keyboards, carrying and efficient bass-guitars made the movie showing more beautiful than ever.
But “Honeymoon” does not leave Bordono’s Jazz desires aside either (For a waltz), as well as it features the peculiar, yet striking, voice of the gypsy Jonathan Pisa (Hasta la vista), Arnaud Pierret’s bass and the dark-groovy half-sung/half-spoken lyrics of Benja (The party, Into the maze).
Finally, this “Honeymoon” suits all weddings. Again, wedding between Men and Machines; wedding between traditional music (Hasta la vista) and a luminous soft-pop (Fall in the water); marriage between raw and synthetic; marriage between the murmur of a voice with the beats that invite to dancing (Trop méchante, Into the maze, The party)…

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1. Rafael - Novembro 23, 2007

Ns esse album eh bem loco vale a pena pra quem gosta do estilo lounge com parte ligada ao amor

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